Grounding Passions

Talia-Kim, British-Israeli, 02/07/95.

It's like you're drifting, and there's that one thing that grounds you.

Hopeless romantic till the day I die. Some say I'm crazy, but it makes me smile, feel something...

"On a shameless night,
In a nameless place,
I thought that love was a hopeless case,
Lived a wasteful life in a hateful city,
There was no love just pain and pity, then I found you."


Multifandom: To name a few... Shameless US (GALLAVICH!!!) Once Upon a Time, Marvel Universe, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, HP, LOTR, The Hobbit, THG, etc. Britney Spears, Jennifer Lawrence, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe...the list is endless!

Going away…

24. July 2014

I’m going away with my familia for 10 days and to my tragic dismay there probably won’t be wifi :(
I hope nothing major happens in my fandoms for my sake but I’ll stop my little selfish heart and wish for more spoilers and joy for y’all!
Stay safe everyone,
Much love,
Tal xxx


I miss this.

You know something, my main man? I reckon he wants both…
Also, if “get on me” is an expression in your arsenal, please tell me so is “I’m gonna climb you like a tree.”